Thursday, February 19, 2009

Velocity Diet: READY TO ROCK N’ ROLL

So Bio-test must love me lately. In the past four weeks I’ve had three orders each over $100. This sounds like a lot for supplements, but for the month of March it will be pretty much my only expense for food. Which typically runs me anywhere from 80 – 150 dollars a week. I’ve come to a realization that I love eating the best foods I can, no matter the cost. The way I see it, I’m investing money on self improvement which to me is always worth it. So here is a breakdown of what I bought for the diet:

2 - 5lb. tubs of GROW! low carb protein

4 – 2lb. tubs of Metabolic Drive low carb protein
3 – tubs of Surge recovery drinks

4 – cans of Barlean’s Forti-Flax

1 – bottle of HotRox Extreme

1 – bottle of Flame out, Fish oil
1 double box of fruity pebbles......kidding, but my roommate keeps these around for breakfast and it was up on the shelf by all the other stuff

What Velocity Is All About

Incase you didn’t get a chance to read the articles I posted earlier about the Velocity Diet here is a quick overview of what it entails.

THE DIET: lasts for four weeks; I’m starting March 1, a lot of protein shakes, healthy fats, and low amounts carbohydrates. I’m allowed one solid meal a week of something lean and healthy, think chicken and broccoli or steak and salad, or salmon (insert green vegetable here). Is it extreme?? Yes. Is it necessary for fat loss? No. Do I need to lose any fat? Not exactly, but I’ve always wondered what it would look and feel like to be super lean. We’re talking superstar athlete lean. So that is my pursuit. That is what I’m chasing. I am also curious of the challenge involved. The mental toughness it will take to not eat hardly any solid food and not drink any alcohol for 28 days. I might go insane and break after a few days or I might find a new determination within myself that I never knew existed. No matter the results, I am sure to learn a lot about myself, and my character.

THE EXERCISE: resistance training workouts will be three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am going to incorporate a lot of kettlebell work, heavy pressing movements and heavy pulling movements; both upper and lower body circuits. Cardio will be kept to a minimum only daily walks from 2- 4 miles in length. Now the majority may think this is crazy. WHAT NO CARDIO?? Not in the traditional sense, no steady state, no running intervals. During extended bouts of intense or even moderate exercise the body uses sugar, or glucose, for fuel. Since my carbohydrate intake will be low I will not have much to spare. I do not want my body breaking down any muscle tissue, known as gluconeogenesis, for fuel during cardio exercise. However, low intensity walking for an extended period of time should, in theory, put my body into the fat burning mode known as the beta-oxidation cycle. Besides, my resistance training exercise could and will be considered interval training.

The Specifics (excript from, The Velocity Diet pt. 1 by Chris Shugart)


First I need to decide how many calories to consume per day. I may adjust this number as I go along, but I need to have a place to start. I know for sure I want to get more than 1300 calories per day.

Here's how I'll get my starting numbers. First plug total bodyweight into this equation:
(10.2 x bodyweight + 879) x .50 = _____
Now do it again with this equation:
(10.2 x bodyweight + 879) x .60 = _____ (Only the .60 is different.)

So, let's say a guy weighs 193 pounds and wants to see what his physique would look like at a ridiculously shredded 180:

(10.2 x 193 + 879) x .50 = 1424 calories
(10.2 x 193 + 879) x .60 = 1709 calories

Now, let's round those numbers to the nearest hundred for the sake of simplicity: 1400 and 1700. What our sample guy has now is the absolute minimal and maximal amount of calories he's going to consume while on the Velocity Diet.

My plan is to get close to the first number on non-training days and close to the second number on training days, but as long as I don't fall above or below this range I think I'll do fine.

And so it begins...

So that is the basics of it. A true test of determination and will power. I'm very optomistic that it will go smoothly with no setbacks. I'll take before and after measurements, and pictures. I'm going to use my strength numbers from the last max out in January.

Bench: 300
Clean: 310
Dead: 510
Broad Jump: 106"
I might go for a 315 power clean next monday in which case i'll use that number.

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