Saturday, March 14, 2009

Half Way!

Today is the 14th day meaning first, I can eat again :) and second, half way to 28!! Tonight I think I'm going to do breakfast for dinner, steak and eggs style. I got an extra workout in this morning so I can afford to go nuts with the eggs and steak. I'm thinking 8 oz. sirloin (grass fed of course) and a five egg vegge omelette. I think I'm actually more excited to cook again than to eat, but both will be fun. I spent the day at the state hockey tourney yesterday, and I will probably write a blog about that soon. It was fun to connect with an old friend and watch some high school puck again! Tonight is the final and I'm going to be cheering for Moorhead, section 8 baby!

Here is an update from the measurements taken prior to day one:

Weight - 191
%Body Fat Impedence Method - 14.0%
%Body Fat Pinch Method - 7.6%
R. Arm - 13.5"
Chest - 39"
Waist (thinnest) - 32"
Waist (Umbilical) - 34"
Hips (Widest) - 39.5"
R. Leg - 22.5"

pretty good progress for 2 weeks, I think the most dramatic changes are yet to come, and the measurements may not be that accurate. There are also some degree of error factors included in the test. so no big suprises so far. It will be interesting to see what happends in the end!

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