Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Review

Alright, I finished up the second book of the Twilight series. After the first book I wasn't quite hooked, but man after this one i'm chompin' at the bit to get to the next book!
This book starts off a short while after the first one, and Bella and Edward are happily coexisting. Suffering from reoccuring dreams Bella is unsure of her longterm future with Edward. Thrilling action forces the Cullen's to relocate, and Bella suffers severely from the void left by Edward. After this time, we get to meet and learn about a completely new set of characters. Some familiar names, Jacob Black and his father Billy, take center stage. Bella spends a selfish amount of time with her new best friend, Jacob. Jacob is part of a native american community living in the ocean-side town of La Push, there is more mystery surrounding his tribe. A strange love triangle develops between two people, and a dillusional Bella finds herself caught in the middle of a troublesome situation. This takes us on a final adventure sweeping halfway around the world. Finally, the reader is left with a glimps of what the future holds for the starcrossed lovers. And the Cullen's make a big return to Forks!

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