Friday, April 24, 2009

Product Review

A must have for anyone serious about improving energy and performance!

Get Ready To Unleash The Beast!

I'm talking about Surge High-Performance Workout Fuel. I had read about this stuff for a few weeks before I decided to put it to the test. The boys over at T-nation had been talking it up and saying it gave them a crazy boost in energy. I was skeptical, but decided that I couldn't judge it fairly unless I gave it a shot, and with a new cycle of higer volume work the timing was just right.

Three weeks later, I'm convinced this stuff is for real. I've never felt better doing more weight, for more reps than ever before. I've been doing max effort leg days on mondays and explosive leg days on thursday, and even though I'll still be feeling Monday's workout in my legs prior to Thursday, I'm still able to power through every rep of every set. Could it be placebo effect? There is always a possiblity, but I think I'll let you judge for yourself. I'd recommend Surge Workout Fuel to anyone who has been stuck at a plateu, or if you're just looking for that little extra 'pop' in your step during your workout.

As a former athlete, I know the offseason seems to fly by and pre-season will be starting before you know it. There are only so many opportunities to gain as much strength and speed as possible. I think adding Surge Workout Fuel as part of your daily workout routine, will give you the edge to make gains faster than you have in previous years. I wish it had been available to me during my career!


Performance - 4.5/5 - Refer to above statements, I think it works great!

Taste - 2.5/5 - Different, I've only tried the lemonade, sort of like a lemoney-vanilla flavor. but it's only a small amount, I usually just chug it down in 1 or 2 gulps. It also comes in fruit punch.

Price - 3/5 - A little pricey at $45.00 if you buy two, but it is at least a 2 month supply, if you are lifting 4 days a week. Can probably stretch it to 3. Also depends on how much you use at a time, I just take the minimal serving amount. Again, if you're serious about improving, price shouldn't be an issue.

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  1. Try blending it with some vanilla MD and ice. def helps with the taste factor