Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Circuit

Here is another kettle bell/ sandbag circuit. I'm a big fan of this full body style circuit for a few reasons. One, it works multiple muscle groups maximizing your workout in a short amount of time. Two, Training the large muscles in the legs and back is very important if you have a weight loss goal. These muscles are not only responsible for consuming large amounts of energy, but a stronger lower body/ core can keep you feeling balanced and functional, which ultimately will increase your quality of life!

In order the exercises are Kettlebell Clean and Press, Push Ups, Big Swings, Kettlebell Bentover Rows, and Sandbag front squats. If you don't have Kettlebells or a sandbag, these exercises can be easily completed with dumbbells or a combination of dumbbells and barbells. Just make sure to select an appropriate weight. You should be able to complete each rep explosively, and without much rest between exercises.

I completed each exercise for 4 sets of 10 reps with a weight approximately 35 - 45% of my max. Between sets I rested fully, until my heart rate returned to 120 beats per min.

Prior to this I also completed a 3mi run and set a new PR - 22:08!

Here is a demo of each exercise!

Oh Yea...Handstands Rock!! Practice them for the ultimate shoulder workout!

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