Friday, July 2, 2010


For the fit person, breakfast is usually a no brain, mindless activity that is all part of a daily routine. For the rest of us, breakfast can be a chore as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. However, eating a fresh, quick breakfast doesn't have to be a terrifying experience, and even cooking in the morning can become efficient with a little practice. Here are a few tips for making breakfast a successful, healthy experience.

1. Start with water. 12 - 16oz of water should be included into your morning routine. This has been a weight management technique used for many years. Water stretches your stomach and causes a sensation of feeling full, and allows one to avoid over eating. If you skip breakfast to cut calories, it often just ends up biting you later in the day. Many studies, have shown people who skip breakfast often snack more and eat bigger meals later in the day.

2. Grab a high in protein option to jump start your day. Greek Yogurt is one of my new favorites, with a whopping 17g of protein per serving, it is just the right thing to mix with fruit and rolled oats or pecans for a satisfying parfait. Another favorite of mine is smoked salmon on top of a bagel and cream cheese. Of course, eggs, bacon, and other lean meats, and protein shakes are also great options.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables. The morning is a great time to get carbs, since you know you'll be using the readily available energy throughout the day. Fresh squeezed juices are the best choice, or look for ones with no added sugar. I prefer vegetable juice, and whole fruit instead of fruit juice.

4. Make a plan. If you plan out what you're going to eat, the night before you will be more likely to stick to it. Plan not only your breakfast, but your whole day or weeks worth of meals. This will not only help you reach your dietary goals, but also save you time and money at the market.

5. Practice cooking breakfast foods. Once in a while for dinner, I'll make an egg bake or omlette. loaded with fresh vegetables and turkey or ham and cheese. This is a great low carb choice for the end of the day, and it gives me practice at quickly preparing these meals in the morning. In reality cooking eggs on the stove top takes less than 10 min. and if you're quick with a blade adding fresh chopped vegetables and meat doesn't add any additional time. A good egg bake will last for a few days and reheats into a quick delicious meal!

Hope these tips help you and provide some new ideas for the most important meal of the day.

The less than 10min Omlette - - no this is not from a restaurant.

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