Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loaded Burgers

August is always a time that strikes me as the best time for grilling...I'm not sure why? Here in Minnesota we break out the grill on a nice day mid February if the mercury hits 28. None-the-less, grilling and August just seem to go together; its too hot to cook in the house, the sun is up until after 8pm and muggy air, cold beer, and hot grills just feel right.

When I make burgers I like to do em' up real fancy, sure the regular patty topped with cheese is nice, but why waste a great opportunity to sneak in some extra vegetables along with that juicy, mouth watering, gooey goodness. Here's how I like to do them up 'Loaded' style; of course any thing that you would like to incorporate is also encourage. The sky is the limit, let your imagination take over.

Loaded Burgers

1lb 85% lean ground beef ( I use 85% because it holds the ingredients together in the beginning and stays moist though cooking. If you grill a lot you've noticed that during the cooking process a lot of the fat drips out and your burgers shrink)

Half Red Onion
Bella Mushrooms
Cheddar Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Minced Garlic

Finely Chop the red onion and mushrooms. Cut the cheddar into cubes. Mince garlic if using fresh cloves. In a large bowl incorporate all ingredients except for the Mozz. Form 3 or 4 good size patties, remember they will shrink when the cook. After forming them, pop them in the fridge to firm up and start the grill. I think the key is to get the grill nice and hot prior to placing the burgers on. Cook about 8 min on each side, and then place the Mozzarella on time, if you can use a sauce pan lid to cover the burgers, otherwise just give the Mozz enough time to melt, it will take a little time, be patient.

Top with your favorite garnishes: lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, katsup, BBq, or hot sauce. Invite your friends so they know who cooks the baddest burger on the block!

Oh and don't forget, a refreshing IPA from Full Sail Brewing Co., EPA from Summit Brewing Co., Sam Adams Coastal Wheat, or a Schell's 150th anniversary brew all good choices with your grilling masterpieces.

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