Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mid-week Madness

31 Fitness Exercise of The Week - Overhead Press

This exercise is excellent for strengthening mainly our shoulders and triceps. However, the benefits of overhead lifting extend to some not so conscious areas. Our Abs and back for example play a supporting role keeping our posture correct during this lift. Balancing the weight works musc...les in our ankles, calves, hips, and forearms. This is especially true if using unstable weights such as dumb bells or kettle bells. The exercise can be performed with both arms at the same time, or alternating left and right, or just the right and then just the left, if you'd like.


Start with our feet shoulder width apart. Lift the weight to your chest and press overhead. Control the weight back down to your chest and repeat. Some important things to think about is keeping our back ridged and upright. People have a tendency to let their back arch in order to get better leverage on the weight. However, we want to be pressing straight up overhead so choose a weight you can handle with perfect form.

31 Fitness Jam of the Week: Disturbed - Stricken

Of all the weight rooms I've been to, I don't think there has been one that hasn't had this blasting on the stereo at some time. I've also noted that if females are in charge of the music they love this one too. So ladies, enjoy!

This one made me laugh...

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