Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A November To Remember

What a hectic month! Anyone else feel like it was just Halloween?? I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I love fall, with winter being my next favorite season. From harvesting the garden to the leaves changing to the first snow there always seems to be an abundance of events going on. Here are some highlights from fall 2010.

- School/Thesis
It was good to get back on campus and start preparing with my teams again. I must say one rewarding thing about being a coach is meeting a ton of people and building relationships. It just so happens that the weight room is a great place for self discovery and you can learn a lot more about a persons character when they are faced with challenging situations. I've also started piecing together my master's thesis. I am investigating the effects of social influence on achievement motivation. I'm excited to get the details hashed out and collect some data!

- Football Games
Perhaps the single most important reason I love fall is football. From the NFL to fantasy to college rivalries to the high school prep bowl I've watch a lot of games on TV. I saw a couple real nice football games in person this fall too. I got to a few Gustavus games (go Gusties!), an epic St. Johns/St. Thomas game, a St. Cloud State game, a MN Gopher game, and a MN Vikings game. The games don't always end the way you want them to, but enjoying time with friends and family and just taking in the scene at each event is worthwhile! I'd like to say congrats to Kyle Schroeder, D-tackle for St. Johns football team. Kyle was selected as the MIAC Defensive lineman of the year. Kyle is a member of the 31 fitness team!

Largest Crowd in D-III History - 16,000 at St. Johns/St. Thomas

- Oktoberfest
If football is the most important reason to love fall, Oktoberfest is a very, very close second. Every year I look forward to the fall selection of seasonal beers. I try my best to sample as many different kinds as possible, and every year I am "Wow'd" (that's when I saw WOW after every first sip) :)This fall was no exception, here are my top 5, in order. Each have their own unique balance of hops and malt and vary in color from deep rust to golden. If you haven't had a chance to try any of these get out there and search for them while they are still there! and if anyone has a tasty one I forgot let me know!

1. Capital Brewery, WI - Oktoberfest
2. Summit Brewery, MN - Oktoberfest
3. New Belgium Brewery, CO - Hoptober
4. Schells Brewery, MN - Oktoberfest
5. Widmer Brewery, OR - Okto

A selection from one night of Thesis writing

- Baking
This fall was a special one because my brother came home to visit during Veterans day break. We spent Saturday baking with my grandma. Not only did we learn some lifelong recipes, we got to hang out and spend time with my grandparents. Our menu included: chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and pecan pie. Our grandpa also showed us how he makes his own beef jerky! I was even in charge of bringing the pies to thanksgiving dinner, and I'm happy to say they turned out very well! I'm glad that these recipes and memories will live on in the Theisen family.

Big B, manning up!

- Novembeard
A special time of the year when the manliest of men show their stuff and grow the fiercest beard they can in one months time. Unfortunately, in years past I haven't faired too well, but it all changed this year....Behold! Circle beard!

I really feel like this was my breakthrough year, and maybe now I finally have the look to be a real country western singer. Alright, maybe not quite, shut up I'm 24 and cursed with a thin beard!

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Enjoy the holidays and Live Your Life!

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