Monday, February 2, 2009


I guess to be proper I should introduce myself.

My name is Blake Theisen, I'm 23 years old from Cold Spring Minnesota. Growing up I loved playing sports and being outdoors. In high school I was your typical jock, played three sports (football, hockey, track and field) partied, and generally did not respect others all that well. Growing up in a small town it was easy to lose sight of the little things that are most important in life. I was always busy with sports and socializing that I rarely took time to reflect on who I was becoming.

I went to college at Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, MN. During my freshman year I had a hard time adapting to my new surroundings. For the first time I realized that I had a piss-poor attitude. I got lucky and had some amazing friends that I met that year and they really showed me how important it is to be humble, especially since I was being given opportunities to do things many others do not get. For example playing college athletics, or going to a private college. I was elected captain of the football team my senior year, and was excited that my hard work and determination was paying off. I finished my degree in four years, and enjoyed every minute of my time in St. Peter. In fact, I wish I was still in school. (hard to believe I would ever say that) The more time I spent at Gustavus the more my attitude changed and I am thankful today that Gustavus was able to teach me some very important life lessons as well as the knowledge I needed to start a career.

Currently, I am a health fitness specialist at Best Buy Corporate. I am learning a ton everyday from working with my clients and from the experience teaching group exercise. Ultimately, it is not the population that I wish to work with for an extended period of time. My love of athletics is calling me, and I'm hoping to start a career path towards strength and conditioning coaching. Next fall, I will be enrolling in a Masters Program at either St. Cloud State University, or The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

I guess that is me in a nutshell.



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