Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Starting Point

Tomorrow is the big day! The V-diet begins, shake #1 will be at 7am. I'm excited because Kasey is going to do it with me :) I've got my favorite teammate to help me through so I'm 100% confident that there wont be any problems completing it! 28 days from now life wont be completly different, but I expect to have a brand new, considerably more lean, physique to show off over the summer months!

Here are my starting stats and a few 'before' pictures
Weight - 203
%Body Fat Impedence Method - 15.6%
%Body Fat Pinch Method - 6.6%
R. Arm - 13.75"
Chest - 39.5"
Waist (thinnest) - 33"
Waist (Umbilical) - 34"
Hips (Widest) - 39.5"
R. Leg - 22.5"

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