Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Off and Running...Well Mostly Walking

Day 3: Weighed in this morning and have already lost 5lbs. from my starting weight. I'm pretty sure that would be mostly stored glycogen and a little water. I made it through a hellish workout yesterday (I'll post it below) but felt fine afterwords. I also found out that walking is not as inconvenient as it seems. I think we're too accustomed to just jumping in the car (especially city folk) when things really are mostly within walking distance. In about 10 min I can walk from my apartment to the grocery store, bank, post office, gym, the and famous dave's. 15 min to get to the movie rental store, McDonald's, DQ, a haircut place, and other various shops. Anyway, things are going good, the shakes get a little old by the end of the day, but each morning seems like a fresh start and they are tolerable again. Noticed I was a little more tired today than usual, again not sure if its from the lack of stored glycogen, or just waking up early today. Time will tell.

Here is the Monday workout.

Rest 45 sec. between sets; 4x5

weighted pull ups
overhead kettle bell squats
bent over row w/ dumbbells
double kettlebell swings 4 x 15 sec.
clap push ups x 40
side planks x 2 min each side

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