Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favre Vikes?

Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year?
Brett Favre is reportedly meeting with Vikings head coach Brad Childress this afternoon or tomorrow in his home state of Mississippi. Making a second comeback could provide the opportunity for Favre to finally complete his career the way he would like, by hoisting the most holy of holies.

The past few seasons have seen the Vikings acquire the pieces they need to be a perennial playoff contender in the NFC. Their Offensive line, although now missing pro bowler Matt Birk, has a solid core of veterans and one mammoth rookie. Adrian Peterson, no doubt the leagues most premier running back returns as a seasoned veteran, supplemented by the second best back in the NFC north, Chester Taylor. These two may just be the best one-two punch in the league. With a wide receiver core that doesn't include a lot of flashy names, guys like Bernard Berrian, Bobby Wade, Aundrae Allison, and Sidney Rice seem to be able to make a few plays when called upon. Baring another Troy Williamson incident, Percy Harvin should be able to add a new dimension to the offensive scheme. Also, lets not forget Jimmy Kleinsasser at TE, he’s a franchise player. Leaving the only real gap at the QB position. Personally, I don't feel like Tavaris has what it takes to make it as a starter. He's been given a fair shake on a few separate occasions. JD Booty is still a year or two away, making Sage Rosenfel their guy right now. If Favre does decide to play this season with Minnesota he will have to be the guy from the start. I liked Favre when he was a Packer. As a fan watching him play is always exciting because he's out there playing because he loves the game, and I think 85% of the time he's just being an athlete and ad-libbing plays. I think he could be the missing piece of the puzzle that has kept MN from advancing in the playoffs. He has familiarity with all the teams and stadiums in the conference and division, he’s holding a grudge against his former team (Green Bay), and being the gamer that he is, he just thrives on the rush of hearing his name announced and running out of the tunnel.
Biceps Tear
According to, Brett's main reason for retiering 3 months ago was a partially torn biceps tendon. This type of injury usually takes care of itself by completely tearing away from the bone. After which, the arm is basically relieved of pressure and the quarterback sufferes no loss in performance while the tendon is left to heal by itself naturally. Favre suffered a similar injury to his non-throwing arm earlier in his career, that injury did not require surgery. The main concern will be trying to keep swelling out of the arm, by undergoing proper regimin of rest, ice, compresion, and elevation post usage.

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