Monday, May 4, 2009

So Long Ronneby

The Central Minnesota town of Ronneby officially dissolved yesterday, after a run of more than 100 years. 27 of the towns 32 residents showed up to vote to save the town, however it was shot down 18-9. In it's hayday, Ronneby was dominated by the lumber company. Aside from the mill there was also a hotel, a newspaper, post office, and 3 stores. Life was good until the railroad stopped service, and highway 23 was rerouted. In 1900, Ronneby boasted a population of 156 residents. at the turn of the millenium Ronneby had shrunk to of total population of 16.

(the town had doubled in size in the last 9 years, not bad, considering the economic uncertainty!)

The current residents will become part of Maywood township. On the bright side, It was reported that things will not be much different in the area, except that former residents will notice lower property taxes.

Saying goodbye to Ronneby reminded me of a few things. First, things change. Inevitably over the course of time there are going to be situations that we are going to have to adapt to. It may not be to our liking, but it might be beyond our control, so we need to find a way to accomadate that allows us to live happy and fulfilled. Second, change isn't always bad. At times change can make us better in the long run, it makes us evaluate the direction we are headed and allows us to choose the best course to reach our goals. Goals can remain the same, but there might need to be a new way to get to the end results we are looking for! I think this is an opportunity to grow and learn new skills or have a different experience, possibly helping us see something in a different light.

The best example that I have experienced in the past year is in regards to my own training and exercise philosophy. Since I was involved in sports I had been under the direction of a strength coach and followed their prescribed plan. Well, college ended and I was left on my own to get the job done. After some trial and error, and also a ton of reading, I've found a system that works for me, and I've also realized that I could have pushed it a lot harder and could have been better prepared to participate in athletics.

Lastly, regarding change, if you are someone who is serious about making a big time lifestyle change consider these words of wisdom, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got" So keep an open mind to new ideas, and keep progressing in the right direction.

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