Sunday, August 2, 2009

New York/New Jersey and Guido Beach

In late June I took a time out from my super busy summer to travel out to the east coast and visit my brother, his girlfriend, and tour NYC and New Jersey.

Hoboken, NJ: This is where my bro currently lives. I liked this city better than the big one across the river. If you've never been, Hoboken is highly populated but provides the feel of a really large neighborhood. I think its easy to think of it as a district of New York City. Being only 1 sq. mile allows easy walking distance to anywhere within the city. There is plenty to explore, and the population is very very young, median age is probably around 28, just a guess. Some of the best things were the coffee shops, the old school Italian deli's, Carlo's bakery, and being able to look across the river and see the New York skyline lit up at night.

Me and My Bro

South New Jersey: My Dad, Mom and I ventured down the coast all the way to the vacationing beach community of Cape May, NJ. This town is very well known for its Victorian style housing and many miles of clean sandy beaches. No Guido sightings as I made sure to keep a close watch from my really tall beach chair. There are many bed and breakfast offerings here and we were lucky enough to stay at one. The meals were beyond amazing, home cooked apple waffles, an egg bake, juicy bacon, fresh fruit and of course hot coffee.

Guido Patrol: High Alert

B&B in Cape May

Atlantic City, NJ: Ahhhhh Finally, the land of real Guido Beach! We spent a day with some family friends who live near Atlantic City, NJ. The beach had all the tell tale signs of a real GB hangout, and I was sure that a pack of half naked, screaming, drunk, New Jersey beauties was going to appear. Unfortunately, it was not to be seen. I did hear stories of the mythic Guido population and they lived up to the hype, filled with all the gold chains, body piercings, gel abused hair, and steroids freaks you could stomach. Oh yea, I broke even at the casino.

Now you know what I mean

New York City, NY: About day 5 we decided to venture into the big apple. The core of the universe, as many people like think. Here among the hysteria of mass transit, crazy street vendors, homeless people wearing designer jeans, and Japanese tourists we were able to see some of the great landmarks of America and it's dream for capitalism. The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, The NYSE, the future sight of the new World Trade Center, and Yankee Stadium.

Statue of Liberty

That's me grabbing the bull by the balls...litteraly

The New York Stock Exchange

Ground Zero

New Yankee Stadium

Long Island, NY: Our Final mini-trip was out to the north fork of Long Island. We enjoyed fresh sea food, visited a few to many wineries, and stayed a a place called Shelter Island. It was home of the most expensive mixed drink in America. $12 for a rail vodka and soda. $16 for a Long Island ice tea. However, it was to get away from the hussle and bussle of the city while spending time with my brother.

Lost in the vinyard

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