Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Training

Well my summer vacation hasn't been all fun and games. I've had a really good opportunity to work one on one with a college football player from the prestigious University of St. John's, which just happens to be practically in my backyard. I'm really happy with the progress Kyle has made this summer, we pushed each other hard and he never missed a workout!

I decided to try a program I loosely based on the conjugate method of training and split up the way Boyd Epley used to run his Nebraska program

Monday: Max Lower Body
Tuesday: Dynamic/Explosive Upper Body
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Dynamic/Explosive Lower Body
Friday: Max Upper Body

As the season approached we also added in football specific conditioning sessions, some defensive line drills, abdominal repetition work, a max week, and for good measure a circuit training/conditioning week.

Kyle had some really amazing gains, so I am pleased with how the summer went. Prior to starting here is how he tested.

Bench Press Max: 310
Back Squat (Thighs to parallel): 355

Now, I feel these numbers were a little skewed. Kyle had just got back from a semester studying in Europe. I'm not sure how much studying was actually taking place, but a lot of stories seemed to involve studying the culture of the UK night clubs. However, at the end of the summer Kyle is back to being lean and mean, getting ready to clean up in the MIAC!

His max's at the end were:

Bench Press: 350 (lifetime PB by 15 lbs)
Back Squat: 405 (Not bad for a guy coming back from ACL surgery)

I'll leave you with some video of our training. Enjoy!

Kyle - 350lb. Bench Press!

The Prowler

Sand Bagging

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