Thursday, August 6, 2009


So every year on the fourth of July, for the past few anyway, I have made a tradition of making a cake to bring up north to our cabin. This years was a real spectacular one! I am happy to say I made it completely from scratch, decorated it myself and everyone seemingly enjoyed it! I have to find a way to out-do myself every year because I don't want to let the family down. People have begun to look forward to my cake. Another thing I enjoy about the Fourth of July on the lake is the firework show. If you've never experienced a fireworks show out on a lake or river, in a boat full of friends, I suggest that you add it to the bucket list.

Patriotic Angelfood...YUM, YUM :)

I also took the time to notice the American Flags being flown around the cities I traveled to over the summer. I have some real nice shots from New York City, New Jersey and Portland. Next time you are out and about try to take in a little patriotism, or if you don't see any, create some of your own.

Wall Street

Cape May, NJ

Portland, OR

No Fourth of July would be complete without this little tune either, so sit back reminisce and be proud to be an American!

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