Monday, May 17, 2010

Dawn of A New Week

This is the view I now wake up to every day. Admit it, you now feel more peaceful having seen it! (You hate me, I know) Its views like this that have made me stop a few times during the past week and enjoy where I was and what I was doing. During my morning runs I've seen 3 white tale deer, an Osprey, Mallards and Teals, Geese, 1,000 squirrels. While fishing off the dock there have been loons swimming as close as 5 feet away and also, diving underwater in search of fish. (The lake is very clear so you can see them swimming's freaking sweet!!) Being so close to the wild life is one thing that makes living in Minnesota unique. Especially in the norther half of the state where most wild life encounters just provoke a look-see and then they continue going about their business.

We grow em' bigger than Wisconny

Osprey...a kick ass bird

Top: Green Winged Teal Mid: Mallard Bot: Canadian Geese...Not so much kick ass birds, but nice to look at

This guy runs around the yard...I call him Blacky

Coolest state bird

I was catching up on my readings in GQ and they had a nice article about bourbon. So being the good American that I am, I made a purchase at the local liquor mart. Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.; its made using the same basic process in which Jack Daniel's is distilled, aged in Oak barrels and charcoal filtered, but unlike Jack Daniel's, each barrel is aged until the perfect peak flavor arrives then bottled from a single cask. Most bourbon wiskey's are blended to keep the flavor consistent between batches. I recommend trying Blanton's, It is by far the smoothest bourbon I've ever had, plus it has a cool horse on the bottle stop.

Stopped by the farmer's market and got some farm fresh eggs. They are definitely worth the extra dollar. I'm excited for the early crops to start showing up, nothing better than fresh garden produce. More flavor, more nutritious, community support, and lower prices.

Here is a look at a sled/weight circuit we did last summer, I'm doing a lot of this type of stuff right now. Hopefully, I can get some new video soon. My running is going well too! I picked up my heart rate monitor over the weekend so now it's easier to pace myself.

These are the funniest two videos I've seen on youtube in a while. You might not think they're that funny if you don't have a weird obsession with top 40 radio like I do. Now don't go drinking that Bieber Kool Aid!

I got a bad case of the Bieber Fever!

Ke$ha...and P Diddy is not your friend!

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