Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Time

Find unpaid internship ....check

Find minimum wage job ....Check

Finish finals ....Check

Move up to the family cabin ....Check

Jump back on the workout wagon ....Check

That's right, I'm back baby! started off this morning with a 3 mile trot and some kettle bells. I'm looking forward to the summer spent in Cross Lake, MN for a few reasons, but mostly it will give me the opportunity to be creative with my workouts, since I don't have any regular gym space available. I'm definitely going to employ the 3rd world workout tactics -- wood chopping, hauling rocks, yardwork/gardening, and of course body weight, kettle bell, and energy system work. I'll also have access to regular saunas and swimming, although its a little balmy and 45 right now so I'm thinking a dip can wait.

I'm making a few other changes too, while I'm staying at the lake.

First, I'm going to keep the TV off, unless it's raining or to watch a night time Twins game. For my own sanity, I need to keep a healthy diet of Bert Blyleven in my life. I've had the radio on this morning for the news and forecast. I would also like to get some pleasure reading in, I'm going to try and take down 10 books over the summer.

Second, I'm going to get back to blogging, as you can see, I need to practice my writing as next year I'll be working on my Thesis, so I can graduate in the spring.

Third, I'm going to focus on my diet once again. It will be tough when family and friends are up on the weekends, but after my experience with the velocity diet I know I am strong willed enough to make good choices. I underwater weighed before I left school and was at 12.5% body fat (26 lbs) I'm hoping to cut that down to about 8.5% (15 lbs) by the end of the summer.

Expect lots of blog topics, as I'll be busy with work, gardening, exercise, fishing, photography, hiking, reading, cooking, guitar, and other outdoorsy stuff. I'm also going to try and add more video content over the summer, hopefully filming some workouts as well as other experiences. Thanks again for following, hope you all have great summers! Be active and live your life!

Twins color broad caster, Bert Blyleven...he's the man!

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